Domestic violence and abuse are complex topics to navigate. These situations can be life-threatening, traumatizing, and challenging. Spreading awareness and self-educating from reliable sources about domestic violence are two of the best ways to be an ally to people in these situations.

Domestic Violence Awareness Month, observed each October, was…

Who are these important individuals, and how do they improve your pet’s health?

Licensed veterinary technicians are often compared to human registered nurses. Despite a shared devotion to the medical field and caring for other living creatures, these two jobs are very different. So what are licensed veterinary technicians (LVTs)…

Starting a personal brand can be challenging. Many individuals find creating their brand downright intimidating. However, with the right drive and personality, anyone can transform their interests into a business.
Often, drive and personality mean more to clients than the product or service itself. …

Cate Lemmond

Based in Harrisonburg, Virginia, Cate Lemmond is the CEO of Anicira. Learn more by visiting Cate's website:

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